The Place Of Gay Movies In The Broader Culture

The gay community is one that is often misinterpreted or misunderstood by the masses. The amount of suffering and pain inflicted on these individuals in indescribable. Despite this, these individuals manage to create works of cultural significance through the use of art mediums such as cinematography. Gay videos and movies showcase both the hardships and rewards that are given from being a homosexual. These can also offer some insight into a moral or affliction that is present in the mind of society.

Culture-wise, homosexuals have always proven to be topics of discussion with various communities unlike their own; who do not wish to see their emotions being shown outside of themselves. Preference or not, these persons continue to resort to movie as a way of expressing these feelings that are often suppressed for fear of retaliation.

Movies such as Gus Van Sant’s Milk are gateways to understanding the psychology of homosexuals. Often, individuals such as the portrayed character Harvey Milk are reputable members of society, only burdened with the otherwise lax and normal representation of being gay. This led to his eventual murder, of which the movie dramatizes. The movie is lauded as being a superior gay movie, as it is accessible to many different persons, rather than just homosexuals.

Videos featuring homosexuals include many different aspects in their execution. For one example, there is often a tale of repression of homosexual feelings, as well as the desire to hide these emotions from family members or friends. By doing so, the individual commits themselves to a life of utter despair; being unable to express what they feel emotionally or physically, as well as gay spanking movies.

In regards to this, these movies can feature a heterosexual person who is “closeted” or suppressing their feelings knowingly. Likewise, a homosexual character can help to alleviate this pressure by assuring the individual that the feelings are benign in nature, though others may not believe this to be so, and thus cause conflict within the story.

Movies that show the “homosexual lifestyle” are often an attempt to dissuade skeptics who believe that each individual is part of the same community in terms of how they interact or carry themselves. However, with these persons, the opposite can also hold true when seen in a movie.

In those that try to debunk these allegations, the movie often shows the various sides of what a homosexual feels towards others, making their feelings of affection seem more realistic, as is not commonly perceived by normal viewers. This is a strong selling point for directors who wish their videos to be more accurate in capturing the emotion felt by these individuals.

The impact of these movies is crucial if it is to resonate with those who feel that homosexuals are incapable of feeling basic human emotions such as love and commitment. These movies also help to provide those that are homosexual to embrace their feelings and emotions, rather than disregard or suppress them. It is important for each individual to know that what they feel is both natural and normal.

Americas Decline – Gay Marriage in the Name of Tolerance.

When it comes down to it, gay marriage is a morality issue. What is moral and what isn’t is often defined by society. These mores of society have added to the greatness of America since it’s foundation and is evident in our laws. America as a society hasn’t been perfect, but Americans have fought for freedom, Americans have fought for beliefs and rights, and America has come out on top as one of the greatest nations in the world. Some of that greatness that America has fought so hard to achieve is at risk every time America embraces a perversion of morals in the name of tolerance.

There seems to be a flip-flop in America where it is required that the majority be tolerant of the minority, but the minority doesn’t have to be tolerant of the majority. The gay community will express itself as a victim of the prejudices of minority and will often compare themselves to races like African Americans and the Jewish population. I am not African American or Jewish, but let me say this; Gays haven’t gone through anything like what African Americans or what Jewish people have gone through, to say the least. This brings me back to my argument; Gay marriage is a morality issue not a minority issue? America has become so tied up in what is political correct they have pushed aside morals sustain the nation. So let me ask you this? How do you think the disintegration of morals will affect America?

Tolerance of immorality is becoming a slippery slope. America has increasingly tolerated evil as time goes on and is slowly slipping into moral derogation. It’s like the analogy of boiling a frog. If you throw a frog into boiling water, he will jump out immediately to protect himself. If you put a frog in water at room temperature and then slowly warm up the water, the frog will never jump out, and it will eventually boil to death. Let me further illustrate.

In 1950 if gay marriage were brought forth to the general population it would immediately reject because of it’s sinful nature, and it would be dismissed legally as a crime against nature. Sodomy would be seen as an absolute perversion, and the very mention of the word would be extremely offensive. A same-sex wedding was unheard of. Through the events of the 1960’s and the following decades there has been a decline of morals and homosexuality is being accepted as more of a norm. So what is next? Well, the answer is whatever the nation currently feels is immoral may be accepted in the mainstream way of life in the name of tolerance. Here are a few mores of the society that are possibly at risk.

– Currently, it is illegal for public TV stations to broadcast full blown nudity. This too is being jeopardized as programs are introducing more and more partial nudity in their shows. Public television stations can argue freedom of speech and that the moral wrongs of pornography are religions and religion shouldn’t mix with a state. The mores of society still say this is wrong, and so this currently is illegal.

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